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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

The indexes to each volume of "mining History" are available by following the links below. Where individual articles have been transcribed and/or are presented here, links are provided within the index for that bulletin.


PDMHS Bulletin (Mining History) Web Edition.

The Society has commenced a project to scan images of articles from past copies of the Bulletin (later Mining History) and to make them available as downloads from the Society website. It is intended to present these as Adobe pdf files showing scanned images of the original pages. As a pilot most Bulletins between Volume 8:4 (Winter 1982) and 13:6 (Winter 1998) have been scanned. This will give an archive of some 260 articles (some large and some small). These articles have been written by some 150 different authors. Whilst the Society retains the copyright to the printed Bulletin, the copyright of the text is retained by the author. This notice has been framed in an attempt to obtain permission to reproduce from the authors of these, and other, articles in the Bulletin. Should authors feel that they do not wish their work to appear in scanned and downloadable format on the PDMHS website would they please inform the Webmaster, who will then remove the article.

To ensure membership and sales are not adversely affected, the penultimate and current volumes will not be included, i.e a minimum of three years issues and a maximum of six years will not be included on the Web Edition, though the articles within them will be included on the Society's index to articles.

David Williams

Thanks are due to Dave Williams for compiling the list!

There is also a comprehensive catalogue of cave- and mine- related items including books, journals and club bulletins (including many non-UK publications) which can be found at the British Caving Library.

 Front cover of Mining History - Volume 4 & 5 - 2004

Front cover of Mining History - Volume 13 No. 1 - 1996

Front cover of Mining History - Volume 18 No 5